Enhances dopamine and improves focus and attention
Deprenyl ( Selegiline, Dep-Pro)
15ml 300mg Liquid

Deprenyl – The Versatile Antiaging Smart Drug

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Enhances dopamine and improves focus and attention
Deprenyl ( Selegiline, Dep-Pro)
15ml 300mg Liquid

Deprenyl – The Versatile Antiaging Smart Drug

By protecting dopamine levels in the brain, Deprenyl is a cognitive enhancing smart drug that works to improve brain function, facilitate faster cognitive actions and improve concentration.

The Function Of Brain Cells Can Be Improved By Deprenyl

Deprenyl / Selegiline sustains the availability of dopamine in our brains as we age which helps us maintain youthful cognitive functions. Deprenyl acts as a nerve and brain cell protector, this powerful ‘smart drug’ or nootropic is approved for use in the treatment of Parkinson’s but is used ‘off label’ for many other conditions including Alzheimer’s disease (AD)depression and multiple sclerosis.

The Importance of Dopamine in Our Brains

Dopamine plays key roles in numerous cognitive functions but levels decrease with age especially after the age of 40. Preserving the quantity of available dopamine reduces cell deterioration in key parts of the brain where dopamine is transmitted – prolonging lucidity and extending life expectancy potential.

How Deprenyl Preserves Dopamine Levels

Professor Knoll a world leading authority on Deprenyl noted that the nigrostriatal tract, the tiny Dopamine serving nerve cluster in the basal ganglia typically dies off at an average rate of 13% per decade starting at around age 45.

Professor Knoll suggests by using Deprenyl from around aged 40 when the decline begins to become rapid, the nigostriatal neuron death rate could be lowered and life expectancy could therefore be increased in this respect. Couple this with the increased effectiveness of brain function in later life and a direct positive effect on quality of life is attained.

What Dose of Deprenyl should I Use for Antiaging?

Since the manufacture of Cyprenil was discontinued we are one of the few stockists in the world that still offer a liquid Deprenyl, the liquid version is perfect for antiaging programs as it allows the use of very small doses regularly in order to help maintain healthy dopamine levels which improves cognitive function and helps to maintain function at a better level for much longer.

The prime advantages of the liquid deprenyl are twofold:

it can be used sublingually, (placed under the tongue) which means it enters the blood easier and faster and is more bio-available than the tablets

accurate doses – as little as 1 drop = 1 mg can be administered at a time. This is particularly useful for those who wish to consume less than 5 mg (which is the dose delivered in the tablets).

A daily dose of Jumex Deprenyl tablets is 10 mg either in the morning or divided into two doses of 5 mg at breakfast and lunchtime.

Please note that both the Deprenyl products we stock Dep Pro Deprenyl Liquid and Jumex Selegiline tablets are the more thoroughly researched HCL version, not Deprenyl Citrate.

Deprenyl / Selegiline like all nootropics is defined as a drug that is neuroprotective, non-toxic, and possess few side effects.